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Need some inspiration? Dinner doesn’t need to be difficult – that’s what is great about my gluten free and vegan-friendly mixes. Liven up anything you fancy – meat, fish or veg.

Spicy Halloumi Fries

Cut some halloumi up into sizeable ‘chips’, coat with the Naga Nitrate mix, and pan fry or grill. The mix is not high in sugar so shouldn’t burn and halloumi is a fantastic carrier of flavours and doesn’t melt.

Taste-tastic Pork Chop

The Mediterranean Madness is fantastic on a juicy pork chop. The tomato flavour really sings and cuts through the pork fat. Cook under the grill and, because it isn’t high in sugar, it doesn’t burn.


Thai cauliflower

Brush cauliflower with oil, coat in the Thai mix and oven for 15-20mins. Cauliflower is gorgeous in the oven – sweet and nutty, the subtle coconut really lifts it.