I am The Lost Chef and am on a mission to help you #DiscoverDeliciousness.

With over 25 years of being a chef, I have now decided to put my skills to even better use at home by producing a range of herb and spices mixes, marinades, smoked peanut butter and maybe more.

The range is vegan and gluten free and will include a variety of mixes for use in home cooking or to mix in with your food to make your meals more exciting.

My son is my sous chef, and I’m passionate about the next generation learning to cook, so I will also be launching a children’s range of mixes, adjusted to children’s palate and easy to use and cook together, even if parents are not the most confident in the kitchen.


My Journey

In late 2017, after an amazing year of blogging, meeting some hard working people and their brilliant products, I have made a choice to give it a go myself to start a business making herb and spice mixes. Later on, I’ll be introducing more ranges such as cold smoked peanut butter and some home baking kits.

I have been a chef for just over 25 years now and I’m going to combine my knowledge and skills to make some tasty versatile dry marinades that can be used all year round cooking indoors, as well as outdoors. You can rub it on meat and marinade, on vegetables and oven bake or chuck a handful in your dinner to lift it to a new level.

Why herb and spice mixes? A mix (or dry marinade) can make a huge difference to the food we cook. Not only does it have a great shelf life, so none of it is wasted if not all used at once, it can help penetrate into meat which can help to tenderise it. It will also liven up veg, fish and spruce up your everyday meals.

My mixes have a much lower sugar content then many wet marinades and mass produced supermarket style rubs  or mixes which, due to the sugar content, can burn long before the meat, fish or veg is ready. My mixes are versatile and what you can use them for is only limited by your imagination. I have used my naga nitrate when pan frying squid and it was amazing!

The launch line up includes:

Naga Nitrate – with a naughty naga in each rub this is a hot and spicy rub that packs a real punch but with the addition of earthy beetroot, smoked paprika and unrefined brown cane sugar this is really a flavoursome beast to tame.

Tantalising Thai – a coconut based mix which will work not only as a marinade or seasoning but as a base to a great subtle Thai curry.

Mediterranean Madness – with sundried tomatoes, herbs and garlic this mix will be great on roasted vegetables or added to butter then rubbed onto chicken before roasting. It’s fantastic on a pork chop!


One day, while I was busy in my kitchen working on recipes, my son Kyle came in and said he wanted to make his own mix just for children and, with a little guidance, he did. That was like a smack in the face – why not? As well as the main range, I could make a range just for children to help them (and their parents) get involved in the kitchen. With low salt and sugar content, the range of mixes will be super healthy.

The children’s range will launch with:

Kyle’s Smokeysaurus Mix – a mild chilli and smokey dry marinade ideal for coating chicken or mixing into breadcrumbs to make home made chicken nuggets, but will work on any meat, fish or veg and is very tasty on corn on the cob. The beetroot also makes whiter/paler food items turn purple – kids food can be fun!

The second to launch will be Kyle’s ‘Fantastic Fish’ – a mild dry marinade with a hint of coconut to make fish less scary for some children and will work wonders with homemade fish fingers.

With its own unique packaging and illustrations by Kyle, this range will really make children happy to have a product in your kitchen cupboard that’s truly theirs.

With an official thumbs up by environmental health and with everything crossed and a strong wind behind me (no fart jokes please) I launched in June 2018.

I have had some positive coverage so far, and won a Taste of the West Commended Awards for my Mediterranean Madness Mix.

I will be attending as many food festivals as possible and selling on my online Etsy shop.

Do come and say hi if you see me at a food event or have a look at my online shop.

2018 has had a very exciting start, and 2019 is looking even better!

Yours in cooking,

The Lost Chef